This series of plant based erasures was developed as part of The Poeming, a found poetry project which takes place in October. Participants are assigned a novel in the horror genre, and use the text to create one found poem each day of the month. Found poetry forms include erasure, pastiche/remix, and cento.

The Anne Rice novel Taltos served as the source text for this series; Rice’s language Heucherainforms the emotional content of the poems but the visual form uses plant materials in consideration of the breakneck speed of climate change and globalization easily observed by those working in horticulture and conservation. The plant selections highlight diversity of form, texture, colour, and botanical structures. They include both native plants which are challenged by environmental changes and the non-natives which are, in many cases, out competing them.

Please use these links as a launching point for exploring both visual poetry and also these outstanding online journals which recognize and support the form.

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(includes audio)

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